MMC6936 Assignment 4: Press Release

Press POC Name
E-Mail Address XXX
Mailing Address XXX

Southwest Airlines opens a state of the art brand new travel hub at La Guardia

MMC6730: Content Post Week 12

This week our assignment requires us to explain how we would utilize social media platforms and tools to promote an event.

Our plan needs to include a pre-event promotion, day-of-event promotion, and post-event promotion.

Lastly, we need to detail how we would use social media…

Southwest Airlines Presents A Day Denver

We here at Southwest are very proud to serve passengers flying throughout the United States, but we do have a few standout cities that make up some of our busiest travel destinations.

For example, we bet many of you didn’t know that Denver was…

MMC6936 -Assignment 3: Blogging

6 Travel Essentials To Always Pack Before Your Flight

Knowing what to pack with you when flying can be daunting. There are just so many things you could bring! But what things do you absolutely need to bring with you when flying?

Our Southwest Flight Attendants…

MMC6730 Assignments Week 10 — Content Post

The greatest professional challenge a communication officer or social media manager can face in their careers is managing a crisis.

Great communication officers and social media managers have planned well in advance for a crisis management scenario and have worked at preparing multiple…

For this week’s assignment, we need to illustrate the importance of social media management tools (SMMS( and evaluate and compare two different SMMS and explain how these and other SMMS can assist with community engagement and social listening.

What is a social media management tool? Great question, let’s start there…


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